Time for sacrifice

March 17, 2010

We’re living in tough times.  Many of us have had our salaries cut back; some of you have lost your jobs altogether.  This recession…economic downturn…financial disaster…whatever you want to call it, has many of us adjusting our budgets and making changes in our lifestyles.   We have to manage our personal finances this way–we have no choice–and I would bet that most of us know what it means to sacrifice during lean times.  When the amount of money coming in goes down, we put off making  unnecessary purchases or maybe even go without what we once considered necessities to make ends meet. 

Well ends aren’t meeting in Toledo and many other cities.  In some places, ends aren’t even catching a glimpse of each other.  We can complain.  We can demand local leaders find solutions.  The problem is, there is no magic fix; something’s gotta give.  So what is it?  Trash pickup?  Ticket tax? Police and Fire layoffs?  Keeping the pools closed for the summer?  You can’t say “no” to everything.  There are some tough choices that must be made.  I live outside the city of Toledo and I’ve always paid for my trash to be picked up; maybe that’s why that solution doesn’t seem so ridiculous to me.  I’ve always paid income tax to the city of Toledo…and I don’t mind doing it.  I work here and I like knowing I can call police to help me if someone threatens me or decides to panhandle in our parking lot or camp outside on our lawn.   To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t really mind paying a ticket tax to see the Mud Hens or go to a concert, and believe me, I attend MANY of those events with my family and friends, so that would definitely hit me in the wallet.  I understand why the Mud Hens, Symphony, and Ballet don’t want the tax, I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind paying it.  At least it’s a solution that doesn’t put the burden solely on Toledoans.  Maybe inmates could clean up and mow the lawns at the parks?  Maybe people who owe money to the city and can’t pay could work off some of their debt?   Heck, maybe we could hold a telethon and ask people to make contributions to the worthy cause of keeping our city afloat? I don’t have the answers, but I for one am not complaining about the solutions.   It’s a tough time.   A time for sacrifice.



  1. I agree that its time for tough choices, and I wonder why people expect the employees to just give up their pay so their neighbors can keep receiving the same level of service. When my pay is cut will the workers at restaurants and jeep be willing to take a pay cut just so I can buy their products? No. I am a City employee and also a proud (or was) citizen and taxpayor. I live in the city and live in the same old neighborhood as the rest of the citizens. I am not getting rich off working for the city like people like to think. Anyone aware that council gave Bell (at his request) $902,000 last night to buy a new phone system??

  2. As usual, you hit it right on the head. We have two choices: Raise taxes or cut services. As it is often said, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, as much as we’d like it to be so.

  3. I agree 100%!

  4. Everyone needs to have a roof over their head, food to eat, need fire and police protection, and even need to have their trash picked up.

    However, actually going to a baseball game, attend something at the new Arena, etc. are not necessities!

    Many are against an Entertainment Tax.
    but it is reasonable to tax and get more money from it and others similiar to it!

  5. Congratulations on coming up with some worthwhile ideas–I hope you pass them on to Mayor Bell. I also hope that others read your BLOG and if they have ideas they’ll pass them on to the Council, Mayor or whoever. This country was founded on Ideas and it seems we’ve lost that. More brainstorming, more ingenuity, less fingerpointing and less we’ve always done it this way–Now I’ll vote for that!

  6. Thank you for your BLOG and I heartily agree with you. I hope you and anyone who reads it will contact their mayor or council with ideas to help our city get through these tough times. This country was founded on ideas and we seem to be lacking that currently. More brainstorming, more let’s try this instead, and less we’ve never done it like that before so I don’t think we should, and less fingerpointing and blame–now that’s something I could vote for!

  7. What bothers people about increased taxes is that they already pay for these services! Mis-management of funds and all the other issues of the city should not come down to $15 a month for trash.

    This is brought about by bad deals that the city has made (and contractually) should live up to. Changing contracts, be it for good or bad is unjust. Just like the contracts AIG had to pay. You either pay the contract as agreed or you lose in court and pay it then.

    Governmental control and poking their noses into private businesses has ruined any relationship with start-ups or established companies and Toledo is paying for it….and for that you can also thank past administrations.

    When under 20% of the city population votes…and the condition of the city is what it is…you have your answer…it is not bad enough yet for people to care.

    Try to get people to care when they earn money for doing nothing….just like trying to get your kids to do chores when you already pay them an allowance for doing nothing.

    Gosh…I just don’t know why the system doesn’t work!!

    Wake up Toledo!

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