“V” is for Victory Center

February 8, 2010

I was the Master of Ceremonies, posing here with some of the models including my colleague, Melissa Voetsch!

Five hundred people gathered Friday to celebrate one important cause: victory over cancer.    The Victory Center is an amazing resource for our community and we are lucky to have it.  Friday was one of the Victory Center’s major fundraisers: the 3rd annual Luncheon and Fashion Show.    Local women’s boutiques joined forces for this one:  Sophie’s Sister, Lady C, the Sophia Lustig Shop, Lily Whitestone, Ragazza and Elegant Rags brought us a preview of Spring.  But what made this fashion show special was the models:  many were cancer survivors with amazing and inspirational stories to share.   These ladies were beautiful inside AND out!

If you are diagnosed with cancer, or if someone you love is diagnosed, the Victory Center should be one of the first phone calls you make.   It is a fabulous resource for information, support groups, and adjunctive services like massage, reflexology, and exercise classes.   While the doctors work to fix your body, the Victory Center works to fix your spirit.   No need is too big or too small for staff at the Victory Center.    Check them out online at www.thevictorycenter.org or 419-531-7600.     If you like what you see available, come to our next fundraiser or send a donation.    Toledo is blessed to have such a resource available but it is funded entirely by donations and corporate sponsorships.   Every dollar helps!



  1. Hi,

    My mother in law, Dorothy Crill, went to the Victory Center. She said it helped her a lot, she fought breast cancer for seven years which eventually went to her bones. She died in February 2008. I think it is great that there are places like the Victory Center for cancer patients to find the support that they need.

  2. I was a support group facilitator at Victory Center for several years. It was described by Chriss Peterson perfectly. It was an honor to work for such an agency and has impacted me individually more than any other work experience I have had. The courage and grace with which these men and women delt with their cancers was beautiful. So please if you know anyone who has cancer please tell them about this organization. Thank you Chris for reaveling this most awsome and FREE service that is available to cancer people and their families.

    James Best

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