Praying for an Angel

January 26, 2010

Gretchen and her daughter Lily

For the past 6 years, I’ve been lucky to have an angel in my life.  Dictionary.com defines angel as “a person having qualities generally attributed to an angel, as beauty, purity, or kindliness.”   That describes my friend Gretchen to a tee. 

Gretchen’s tall and slender…obviously beautiful on the outside…but it only takes a minute to see she’s just as beautiful on the inside.  She’s smart and personable, traits that have taken her to a top position at Libbey Glass.  She’s a talented designer, a doting mother, devoted wife and unwavering friend.   Oh, and you should hear her sing.  She has the voice of–you guessed it–an angel. 

Gretchen's always up for fun!

When I met Gretchen she was a two-time breast cancer survivor.  I asked her once if she ever asked God “Why me?”  With a twinkle in her eye she said “I never ask ‘why me,’ I always say ‘I wonder why God gave me a cancer I can beat?'”   Her positive attitude has been an inspiration to  everyone who knows her.   

Now Gretchen needs our prayers.  Now a four-time cancer survivor, she’s in the hospital fighting off a terrible lung infection.  Her friends and family are taking shifts with her at the hospital and Friday was my turn.   It’s hard to see someone you love struggling to breathe.  But Gretchen continues to inspire people every day with her positive attitude, and amazing recovery. 

She’s a miracle…and we’re praying for her strength and recovery.  Praying for an angel.



  1. You described my friend to a tee. Thank you for spreading the word to pray for Gretchen. I am so thankful for all her support.

  2. I know the pain of watching a loved one suffer for every breath… it’s heart wrenching. I will pray for your friend and for the friends and family involved.

  3. The angel you described is our beautiful, loving, caring next door neighbor. Gretchen has been our neighbor for over 20 years and there’s never been a day gone by that she hasn’t greeted us with a warm “hello, how you guys doing … she stops to have a brief chat as we all scamper off to our busy lives. And, we can’t count the times we’ve opened our door in the morning on our way out and there lays a plate of her special chocolate chip cookies baked by our “One and Only” No matter how busy, Gretchen always has time to talk, listen and laugh. There’s no one on this earth like Gretchen, only the angels know the full extent of her love and kindness. Please, everyone, pray for “our Miracle” to return home soon. God Bless Gretchen.

  4. My daughter Deb has been the Nanny for Gretchen’s precious daughter Lilly,since she was born.
    It is so hard on her,as she loves Gretchen and Lilly and Phil, and the family so much.
    My heart breaks for them all,and can only hope our Prayers,will keep her with us and her family,This Angel needs to stay here on Earth,not taken away.
    My daughter has been so blessed for having such a sweet kind person, in her life.

  5. i have also been praying for your friend gretchen and also lillie her little daughter who is also an angel–as i too know both of them and there family ,as my neighbor deb champagne is a nanny for gretchens little angel lillie– keep the prayers going and for her husband and family and friends ,god bless all of you

  6. I, too, am praying for Gretchen! As Deb Champagne’s sister-in-law I have been aware of all Gretchen and her family have been and are going through and do truley believe she is an angel on earth! Good people shouldn’t be given such heartaches. I pray for Gretchen, Lillie, Phil and for Deb to give them the strength and love to get through these tough times and bring Gretchen back to her family and loved ones. Angels be with you all!

  7. Gretchen is and continues to be a true inspiration for so many of us. Your article describes her well. Her enormously positive attitude is both refreshing and contagious, and can only be matched by the resolute strength of her faith.

  8. this is the first i have seen this and i have to say you summed her up perfectly! gretchen is my aunt by marriage and she is the most unbeleivable person i know! her and phil sang at our wedding 5 years ago and it really brought everyone to tears! they are both trul truly amazing people and true fighters!!!! she is coming around now and we all hope she keeps on fighting!!!

  9. Gretchen, in her own humble way, continues to live life to the fullest and will not allow disease to over come her. She is an example to all of us to keep the faith, do good deeds and continue to love what we do and those who are a part of our lives. She is an inspiration to all and WILL return to her much loved family and her job as the Princess of Glass.

  10. I will be praying for Gretchen. I pray for her complete recovery and continued strength to fight this horrible disease. Cancer seems to be once again striving to claim numerous victims in its many different forms. Cancer takes a toll on the families and friends as well; as I am sure you know. May God bless Gretchen and her family; may He give each and everyone one of them the courage to see this through, and please God give our doctors and scientists the ability to wipe out cancer completely.

  11. To the strongest fighter I have ever met.
    Keep fighting you will no doubt win the battle again.
    God bless you and your family.


  12. I am praying for Gretchen, I hope with all of my heart and soul she recovers and live a very wonderful life. She sounds like a very loving and endearing person and we need more people like her here on earth. My prayers go out to her and her family and friends.

  13. Gretchen is my aunt and was an incredibly special person. I feel honored to have known her and had her in my life. You did describe her perfectly and God is lucky to have his special angel in heaven with him now. She fought harder then anyone I know (and trust me I know, I am a radiation therapist and treat cancer daily). Her love was felt by all that encountered her. She will never be forgotten and everytime I think of her I will picture her caring smile that was truly honest and I will smile too.

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