Major League Disappointment

October 6, 2009

miguel-cabreraMiguel Cabrera:  you’re a couple of wins away from clinching the American League Central Division, what are you gonna do?  Apparently, go home, rest up and come in prepared to win on Saturday and Sunday was not the answer.    Instead, the Detroit Tigers’ slugger went out partying Friday night with his buddies from the OPPOSING TEAM, the Chicago White Sox.    But that was only part of the story. 

Here are the facts according to the Birmingham Police Chief:   1.  Cabrera’s wife Rosangel called 9-1-1 Saturday morning at 6.  2.  When police arrived, they found the Cabreras had been fighting and each had visible facial scratches.  3.  Miguel Cabrera had a Blood alcohol Content almost 3 times the legal limit.  4.  Rosangel Cabrera told police she wanted Miguel out of the house, so they took him down to the police department where  Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski picked him up about 7:30 AM.     Cabrera dragged himself into the clubhouse Saturday afternoon and pretended he was prepared to suit up and take the field with his teammates. 

Excuse me?  

You’re getting a club record $141 million dollars over 7 years to play baseball for a living and you’re going to go out on a drinking binge with your friends, then get hauled down to the police station before one of the biggest games of the season?    Maybe he thought he could handle it?   Maybe it’s not unusual for Cabrera to stay out partying all night before a game and then step to the plate and deliver?   Problem is, he didn’t deliver this time.  Cabrera was 0 for 4, stranded 6 men and the Tigers lost 5-1. 

It was disrespectful behavior that may have cost his team a playoff spot.  Not just because he didn’t perform.  Because other guys who were prepared to contribute didn’t get to play.   What about them?  What about the coaches who plan their strategy around physically and mentally sound players?  And what about the fans who buy tickets to help pay that $141 million dollars?  Don’t they deserve better?  

Admittedly, players have bad days where the bat doesn’t find the ball or the ball doesn’t find the glove.   But to set yourself up for failure by drinking too much the night before is bush-league behavior…and a major league disappointment.



  1. Chrys,

    Reportedly he was out drinking with Chicago White Sox players, and one of the players was Freddy Garcia (a fellow countryman). He was the very pitcher who 2 hit the Tigers on Saturday. Apparently Freddy holds his liquor a lot better than Miguel.

  2. Or maybe Freddy was acting more responsibly and not drinking himself three times above the legal limit!


  4. Amen- finally someone points out the obvious!! I have been saying this about the football players too! It’s unbelievable to me that they make what they do, get arrested and still get to keep playing??? Where is the line and knowledge that this is a privledge. You have to also blame the owners for allowing this to happen! Would be nice to see someone get a backbone and say “ENOUGH!” Thanks Chrys!

  5. I agree, but it’s not like any of the other Tigers had their hitting shoes on. Plus it should have never come down to the wire. The Tigers especially 7-8-9 hitters had a horrible year getting runners in from 3rd base with one or less out. Caberea at least carried the Tigers during streches of the season. No other hitter can say that. Some Tigers hit fly balls at will, except when you need one to tie game, or add insurance..INGE, LAIRD, EVERETT, THAMES, THOMAS to name a few.

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