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News Anchor Nightmares

October 26, 2009

We all have them: those recurring nightmares that haunt us at night.  Many of us have specific nightmares–dreams that speak to our deepest fears.   Have you ever had that dream where you’re back in high school and you can’t find your class?  Or you can’t remember the combination to your locker?  Maybe the nightmare pertains to being a parent:  the one where the children sprout wings and fly away, or the one where the newborn baby starts talking like he’s Einstein.   Maybe it’s something more realistic like someone snatching your child from her crib or stroller?  That one will make you wake up in a sweat. 

Some of us have recurring nightmares about our jobs.  When you work in TV news the nightmare may be that you’re out on a live shot and you can’t speak or you don’t have any information.  I’ve also had the recurring dream that it’s minutes before news time and I’m in still in the car driving to the station, trying to make it there in time.  One time I dreamed I was coming back to the station from picking up food on the east side, and on my way back driving over the Martin Luther King Bridge it collapsed and I was floating around in my car in the Maumee, calling the station on my cell phone for help, and telling them I could do a live shot from the water.  Weird, huh?

But by far the most frequent dream I have is the one where I’m sitting on the set waiting for the newscast to begin and I realize I’m not dressed, or don’t have any makeup on.  Last week, that one was a nightmare come true.

For those of you who have wondered if we have professional hair and makeup people at the station who get us ready each night: we don’t.   We all do our own.  Because TV makeup is applied more heavily than regular makeup, there are some days when I come in to work with no makeup and apply it there.  If I don’t have anywhere to be earlier in the day, I just give my skin a break and wait ’til I get to the station to do it.  

Admittedly, Chrys without makeup is not a pretty sight.  My coworkers are kind about it because they love me but like many women, I feel I look much better with makeup on.   So at 4:40 last Thursday when I went back to the makeup room to put on my “face” imagine my horror to discover I had left my makeup bag at home!!!   “Oh no…my nightmare’s coming true,” I panicked.   I had 15 minutes until the 5 PM news and my house was 25 minutes away.   “You’re beautiful without makeup,” Jerry Anderson consoled.  “No one will even notice,” my co-worker Jim said. 


So I did what any self-respecting anchor would do:  I found Melissa Voetsch, our 5:30 PM anchor and told her I needed her to fill in for me at 5.  She was gracious and stepped in with 5 minutes to go.   (This is just one of the many reasons I love my coworkers.)  I called my husband to bring my makeup, and had it on in time to do the 6 PM news.  

But what if Mel and Jerry hadn’t been at work that day?  What if my husband hadn’t been home to bring my makeup bag to me?  What if I had no choice but to go on the air with no makeup for all of Northwest Ohio to see?   What a nightmare!


Major League Disappointment

October 6, 2009

miguel-cabreraMiguel Cabrera:  you’re a couple of wins away from clinching the American League Central Division, what are you gonna do?  Apparently, go home, rest up and come in prepared to win on Saturday and Sunday was not the answer.    Instead, the Detroit Tigers’ slugger went out partying Friday night with his buddies from the OPPOSING TEAM, the Chicago White Sox.    But that was only part of the story. 

Here are the facts according to the Birmingham Police Chief:   1.  Cabrera’s wife Rosangel called 9-1-1 Saturday morning at 6.  2.  When police arrived, they found the Cabreras had been fighting and each had visible facial scratches.  3.  Miguel Cabrera had a Blood alcohol Content almost 3 times the legal limit.  4.  Rosangel Cabrera told police she wanted Miguel out of the house, so they took him down to the police department where  Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski picked him up about 7:30 AM.     Cabrera dragged himself into the clubhouse Saturday afternoon and pretended he was prepared to suit up and take the field with his teammates. 

Excuse me?  

You’re getting a club record $141 million dollars over 7 years to play baseball for a living and you’re going to go out on a drinking binge with your friends, then get hauled down to the police station before one of the biggest games of the season?    Maybe he thought he could handle it?   Maybe it’s not unusual for Cabrera to stay out partying all night before a game and then step to the plate and deliver?   Problem is, he didn’t deliver this time.  Cabrera was 0 for 4, stranded 6 men and the Tigers lost 5-1. 

It was disrespectful behavior that may have cost his team a playoff spot.  Not just because he didn’t perform.  Because other guys who were prepared to contribute didn’t get to play.   What about them?  What about the coaches who plan their strategy around physically and mentally sound players?  And what about the fans who buy tickets to help pay that $141 million dollars?  Don’t they deserve better?  

Admittedly, players have bad days where the bat doesn’t find the ball or the ball doesn’t find the glove.   But to set yourself up for failure by drinking too much the night before is bush-league behavior…and a major league disappointment.