Special Kids, Special Help

September 3, 2009


As parents, we all want what’s best for our kids.  So what would you do if you knew your child needed a special medicine or special therapy you couldn’t afford?  Thousands of parents in our area agonize over this every day as they are turned down by insurance companies.  Tammy and John Eisenreich were in that position.  Their son, John was diagnosed with autism, and needed a special speech therapy their insurance company wouldn’t pay for.  They were scrambling to figure out a way to come up with the money when they found “Special Kids Therapy” in Findlay.

SKT is a unique organization, run entirely by volunteers and the agency is licensed to help people in the entire state of Ohio.   It is primarily a funding organization.  In other words: if you don’ t have the money to pay for something that would benefit your special needs child, they can provide a grant.  No special need is too great or too small.  They have funded traditional therapies, like the speech therapy the Eisenreichs needed, but they also grant money for kids to swim with the dolphins, take ballet classes, or go horseback riding.  And parents with special needs kids know those “extras” are NEVER covered by insurance.  

SKT also has an incredible multi-sensory playroom that special kids can use throughout the week.  The “toys” are hi-tech and fun for the kids, but definitely serve a therapeutic purpose at the same time. 

This  Friday at the Hancock County Fair, a special concert will benefit these special kids.   Billy Ray Cyrus, Julianne Hough and John Michael Montgomery are among the big stars who will rock the stage September 4th in Findlay.  Tickets are $40–and all the proceeds goes to SKT.  

Have a great time, hear some great music, and help out some great kids at the same time!




  1. They have programs like this here in Lucas County — Early Intervention is one that will assess your child and assist in payment of treatments not covered by insurance… it is for children up to three years old and all their services are at no cost to the parent or guardians — program is through Lucas County Department of Developmental Disabilities and is located in South Toledo near the Heatherdown branch of the Library on Birchdale.

  2. Thank you, Cindy!! I’m sure a lot of parents will appreciate this valuable resource!!

  3. Thanks for the info. As parents we sometimes find ourselves in situations that seem endless. I don’t have special needs children but it’s nice to know help is readily available in our/my community. Great post. Thank You Chrys and Cindy. We all know the old saying “God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle”. When you can visually see a parent(s) with a child not considered the norm, I always say that GOD blessed them with that child because he knows they will share their story for the rest of us to understand and learn from. My husband has a niece with a special needs child and they communicate with sign language. The child is in his teens now, but today if caught early I see/hear of so many kids going through so many forms of stimulation to allow them to break out of their shell. I do still wonder about the series of shots that babies/kids get and think that this has something to do with the mercury in the shots that some say does cause a child to be autistic. Fact or False? I did see a story on the news about a once diagnosed autistic child who was introduced to a piano and her own voice and she goes around the country singing the “National Anthem”. She does have a beautiful voice and her parents must be over joyed. Just like breast cancer, early detection is the key for a diffurent outcome in some cases.

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