Facebook Junkie

March 7, 2009

Dear MM (you know who you are!),

In my 40+ years I have managed to resist your type.  The “come on, try it–everybody’s doing it” type.   I don’t do drugs, don’t smoke cigarettes; the most addictive thing in my life is Coke Zero.   

Until Now. 

Give me a little credit…it took weeks of needling me, enticing me, telling me what I was missing by just saying “No.”    But in the end, your offer to set me up for free was just too tempting and now look at me:   I am addicted to Facebook! 

Those of you who use it know exactly what I mean.    It’s like technological heroin:  you can’t stop using it!   “Checking in” on what your friends are doing.   Seeing old and new pictures of your friends and family.  Reconnecting with people you haven’t spoken to–heck, people you haven’t even THOUGHT of–in years!    I find myself shaking with joy when the email notice comes in to tell me there’s activity on my Facebook page.  Who found me?  Who’s doing what?   The anticipation excites me to the core!     

What’s worse:  I find myself “dealing” it to my other friends:   “Why aren’t you on Facebook?  You should really try it…it’s lots of fun!”   I know I’m not the ONLY Facebook salesperson NOT on the payroll. 

So, thank you, MM.  Thank you for giving me something to occupy the hours of my day that I used to use for something more worthwhile like working, sleeping or cleaning the house.  Thank you for breaking my 40+ year streak of “just saying no.”   Thank you for turning me into another internet voyeur, watching the remarkable and mundane events of others unfold before me.   

I’ll sign off now…I’ve received 4 Facebook email alerts and I MUST see who’s doing what.  

Your “Junkie” friend,


P.S.   I just LOVE your latest “status” update and the new picture you posted of you and Mrs. MM!


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