Night of 1,000 Stars

February 23, 2009

Did you watch the Oscars last night?  For the  past several years I’ve missed WATCHING the Oscars on TV (they’re on the wrong channel anyway!) to emcee Oscar Night with the American Red Cross. 

This has become one of the premiere fundraising events in NW Ohio:  guests dress up in their gowns and tuxes, and walk the red carpet into the beautiful Performing Arts Center at Owens College.  Inside, screaming “fans” (students from area high schools and universities) cheer as the guests arrive, and “paparazzi” take pictures.  There are numerous big screens to watch the REAL Oscar ceremonies…but it’s hard to take the time to watch because there’s so much  great food and drink to try.   This year, 26 area restaurants and caterers donated their time and delicious edibles…everything from oysters on the half shell to mini beef wellington, to lobster bisque, sushi, and all sorts of scrumptious desserts!   And there’s fun entertainment too:  this year the NuTones played at one end of the building, while Hepcat Revival played in another area.  More than 500 “stars” came out to support the Red Cross this year for the organization’s biggest annual fundraiser, and as usual we had a ball at the ball. 

But there were at least another 500 “stars” behind  the scenes:  volunteers serving food and drinks, people setting up and cleaning up the elaborate decorations and tv screens, and all the people  who worked to secure raffle donations and restaurants to be there.  Many of those “stars” are the same people who respond when there are floods or tornadoes in our country, or when a local family is burned out of their home.  Some teach CPR or babysitting classes…as volunteers…but they volunteer to help with Oscar Night becauses they know what those dollars mean to our local Red Cross.   It’s no easy job…and those “stars” deserve special applause! 

What does the Red Cross do with the money?   They respond in cases of national or local disaster to provide food, shelter, clothing and comfort.   Through their “TeleCare” program, volunteers call to check on the elderly every day just to make sure they’re all right.  They get in touch with military members overseas when there’s a family emergency at home.   They teach life skills like CPR to hundreds of people every year, and they do it all for free.   

If you’ve never attended Oscar Night, you’re really missing a fun evening.  Why not test out your “star” power next year to support our local Red Cross?  I’ll meet you on the Red Carpet for a Night of 1,000 Stars!



  1. Chrys: This year’s Oscar Night was a great event! Kudos to everyone involved in planning, setting-up, and running the show. Hepcat Revival was thrilled to be back again–we had so much fun, and the crowd in our ‘club’ brought the energy and dance to new levels!
    Take care,

    Hepcat Revivalist, Trumpet

  2. You guys rocked as usual, Vince!!!
    My FAVORITE band!! 🙂

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