Keeping the Balls in the Air

February 18, 2009

I have always had the utmost respect for single moms.  My parents divorced when I was 8, so I was raised by a single mom who made a lot of sacrifices and worked very hard to support me and my brother.    I know there are a lot of you out there struggling–just like she did–to juggle responsibilities and make ends meet.    And this week, as my husband leaves for the better part of 8 months and I’m left alone to care for our 8 year old daughter, I SALUTE all the single moms out there.  

Some of you may know that I met my husband Tom when he was managing the Toledo Mud Hens back in 1996.    He’s been playing or coaching in professional baseball for 30 years…so I definitely knew what I was getting into when I married the guy.    But that doesn’t make this time of year any easier.   Tom now works for the Colorado Rockies, managing their Triple-A team in Colorado Springs.  This morning he left for the season and he won’t be back ’til October.   His first stop is Spring Training in Tucson, where he’ll spend 6 weeks teaching his players the finer points of hitting the ball and working with them on their ball handling skills.     Well I have a better idea to whip those players into shape:  why not have them follow a single mom for the day?

Who better to teach ball-handling skills than a woman who has to keep a dozen balls in the air at any one time?   She wakes up early so she can get herself ready before she wakes her three little ones and gets them dressed, makes them breakfast, and packs their lunches while they eat that breakfast.  Then she takes one out to the bus stop, loads the others in the car to drop them off at daycare, and manages to get herself to work by 8 AM.    After running non-stop at work for 8 or 9 hours, she rushes out to pick up the kids from the sitter,  then lugs them all into the grocery store because they’re out of milk and bread, finally arrives home and what’s waiting for her?  A stack of bills in the mailbox and a hungry dog.  She feeds the dog, feeds the kids, checks the homework, gets everyone in and out of the bathtub, brushes their teeth, reads them a story and puts them to bed.  That’s when she has to clean up the dinner dishes,   figure out how she’s going to pay those bills, do a couple loads of laundry, and iron the blouse she plans to wear to work the next day.    Then she gets out her books and starts studying for the test she has in her night class the following evening.    You get the picture.   A similar scene plays out in thousands of area homes day after day, and those women deserve recognition. 

It’s not just single moms.  Most moms are master multi-taskers.  Most will also admit that their husbands come in handy.  I know I rely heavily on mine when he’s home. 

So ladies, I salute you!   While I’m on the “team” this baseball season, you can bet I’ll be working hard on my skills…doing the best I can every day not to drop the ball!



  1. Hey Chrys,

    Thank you for recognizing single parents but can you truly understand eveything that “us” single mothers go through. My son is now 12 yrs old and I must admit yes its hard but I also have the support of my aunt and uncle. I go to school part-time, work full time, I am a baseball mom so I drop off and pick up for practices. My pre-teen is a very busy guy. He has afterschool bowling, piano lessons, karate lessons and now the next 4 mths will be consumed with baseball. How do yo do it you say ?? PRAYER !! I keep praying that I get through each day with no hassles. I keep 2 calendars just for my schedule and for my son’s. So yes being a single mother is a full-time job and it keeps me on my toes..I love my son to death an d wouldnt trade it for the world. Maybe one day we single parents can get all the recogniton that we deserve

  2. Hi Nikki! You go girl–you’re exactly the woman I’m talking about! As I said in the post, I only understand for 8 months of the year–so I applaud you! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi Chrys,
    It’s Kenyetta from Gallippos.Amen to your blog. lol…. Have fun at your Gala event Sunday I know ur gonna look FABULOUS in that beautiful gown….lol

  4. Hi Chrys,

    Thank you for the recognition of single mom’s. It is truly one of the hardest jobs there is. I became a single mom 10 years ago to 3 amazing children who are now 21, 16, and 13. The very hardest part is trying to give them the attention they need and working full time to support them. I’m proud to say my oldest is serving her country in the US ARMY and my boys are responsible, caring teenagers on the honor roll at school and excelling in sports and other extracurricular activities.
    I’ve watched you on the news for so many years and you appear to be such a strong woman that we single mom’s are proud to have you in our corner, even if it’s temporary!

    Thanks again,

  5. Hi Becki!
    You’re obviously doing a great job with your kids! You must be so proud!!
    Congratulations…and thank you for your kind words!

  6. Hi Chrys,
    I thought you said you have an 8 yr old daughter…but then you said have to wake up three little ones???
    Good Luck with the next 8 months I bet it will be hard but then again you only have one child.

    God Bless you all

  7. Hi Marj!
    No…that story wasn’t about me. That was just a compilation of what my single-mom friends go through. Sorry for the confusion!

  8. Hi Chrys…loved your blog on single Moms’…I am a widow, my husband died over 4 years ago at the age of 41…leaving me to raise our 2 sons on my own. They were 9 and 6 at the time and are now 13 and 10. This life is not easy….being the only person getting everyone where they need to be in a days time can be exhausting…if other single Moms’ days are anything like mine they start before 6am and don’t end till mid-nite!! UGH!! It is exhausting. I would not trade one second of it though!! I love my boys and I love being their Mom. I think there needs to be a lot more help out there for us though!!

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