Attitude Adjustment

January 26, 2009

kyle-hospitalOne of the things I love about my job is that I learn new things every day about a variety of subjects.   Today’s lesson was unusual, though because it came from a 14 year old boy. 

I had the privilege of interviewing Kyle Cannon and his dad Friday evening at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor.  Kyle is the Clay High School student who was paralyzed from the neck down when he was “checked” during a hockey game back in November.  Doctors have told him he’ll never walk again.  Kyle has higher expectations of himself.   While not being unrealistic, Kyle doesn’t accept the doctors’ statistics.    He prefers to see the possibilities and hope for the future.  In fact, all he talked about was moving forward.  His life has changed completely but this young man has already started formulating “Plan B” for himself.  

Talking with him and seeing his incredible, flexible attitude made me check my own.  We all have plans for ourselves and our families…and they don’t always work out the way we want them to.   Whether it’s a physical change like in Kyle’s case, the loss of a job, or some other unexpected change, Kyle is a great example that our attitudes are often the only things we truly control in any situation, and that a positive, flexible attitude can go a long way toward the outcome.  Thank you, Kyle for reminding me of that.

To see Kyle’s story, click here.



  1. I think this is a great idea. Communication is the key to life. Any possible way to keep lines of communication open are a wonderful idea.
    Everyone can learn and experience something from another person’s experiences.

  2. Thanks for adding my Grandson Kyle to your blog. He is a phenomenal young man and has surprised all of us with his positive attitude. I personally think he takes after his late-Grandpa, my husband, who we lost last New Year’s eve at the age of 58 years. He had chronic illness and also faced adversity with a “what can I do about getting along with this” attitude, rather than a poor me. Maybe it was because Kyle grew up watching him overcome all the things he did, that is helping him with his own adversity.
    I personally think Kyle will go far with his accomplishments, whatever they may be. I appreciate you giving him the opportunity to tell his story…at least the beginning of his story anyway.
    Thanks again.

  3. Hi Chrys,
    I first heard about Kyle on News 11. My heart sank at the thought of what Kyle and his family are going through. I am so glad to see you did a follow-up on him. Many people are keeping Kyle and his family in our prayers. Kyle..stay positive and strong, it’s gonna be real hard at times but you can do it. Thanks Chrys for updating your listeners out there. We are all rooting for you Kyle. Take care and God Bless. Thanks Chrys for your great stories.


  4. Chrys, this is one of the many reasons I like you so much! You are so sensitive and caring and you can definitely see it on your face when you are doing the news. I love listening to you and I think you and Jerry make a great team. Don’t ever leave us!! You are the greatest.

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